The Oboe Class - AM Katowice
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Oboe class history

The history of the oboe class in the Music Academy of Katowice begins in 1929, when Wojciech Smykowski started to teach 3 wind instruments (oboe, clarinet and bassoon). In then Music Conservatory. He continued working after World War the Second for the rest of his life.
During next 2 years, Andrzej Mozel was the oboe class’ professor. He was an outstanding oboist, as he won Prague and Budapest oboe contests.
Professor Edward Mandera’s service for the oboe class was the longest. Since 1959, he taught in the Music Academy of Katowice until 2003, when he passed away. Simultaneously, he worked as the first oboist in the Polish Radio & TV Symphony Orchestra, and next in the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra (NPRSO).
Many outstanding players graduated from his oboe class: prof. J. Kotyczka, prof. S. Malikowski, S. Sobola, G. Stec, A. Ślęzak, W. Sołtysik.
Professor Tomasz Miczka graduated from this oboe class as well. He has been working in the Music Academy of Katowice since 1986 and also in the NPRSO. In 2002, Piotr Pyc – prof. J Kotyczka’s graduate – took up the post of oboe assistant professor.
Graduates of the oboe class perform in the best Polish orchestras, such as mentioned NPRSO, National Philharmonic Orchestra, Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra, Polish Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, National Theatre, Sinfonia Varsovia.