The Oboe Class - AM Katowice
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Oboe Studio Classes


The Oboe Studio Classes gather everyonewho wishes to improve their skills and to enlarge their knowledge in the field of playing the oboe. Our meetings concern especially subjects not elaborated duing studies.
Finding engaging themes to discuss should be the task of the students, so that they could learn as much as possible about what interests them the most.
Our activity is not limited by the Music Academy’ range of influence: the events prepared by our members could focus the attention of all-Polish and international oboe environment.


The Oboe Studio Classes welcome high school, academic students and graduates as well. Tks to the Music Academy of Katowice, our meetings can take place regurarly in a special room where some multimedia displays can be shown. Depending on the members’ needs, the Oboe Studio Classes may be held elsewhere.
The oboe teachers of the Music Academy of Katowice are responsible for the whole of the Oboe Studio Classes’ activities.
It is possible and advised that some guests were invited to the Studio Classes’ meetings, in order to hepl us to explore particular issues. Some of our events could take place all around the region of Silesia.


• Searching for interesting issues is up to the students, however, the oboe teachers decide how to carry on a meeting
• The meetings’ subjects may concern not only performing oboe pieces or learning about them, but exploring how the instrument and the reeds are built as well
• A plan of activities for several next years should be created, in order to involve each member in particular events in which he or she wish to participate
• The Oboe Studio Classes may become also a masterclass of building reeds
• Our discussions concern themes such as:

- Oboe playing technique
- Performing practice
- Music for oboe and oboe litterature
- CD and DVD recordings of oboe players
- Different styles of playing and aesthetic qualities
- Oboe teachers and classes all over the world
- Methodology of working, learning and performing
- Construction and maintenance of instruments
- History of the oboe: different kinds or instruments in various periods